Ready to get uncomfortable? Well we are about to. One of the most difficult and uncomfortable topics to talk about is that of money. WHY?! Oh because we have been ingrained with the phrase “Money is the root of all evil.” Oh but this phase is actually wrong and is a misquote from the bible. Where it says “For the love of money is the root of all evil;….” So I guess it’s time to change our thinking on the matter.

Our thoughts that money is evil is actually what is holding us back. We feel that if we charge someone what we believe we are worth, or our product is worth, or our time is worth that we are doing something EVIL. So when someone asks us “what do you charge?” we hesitate because “oh no…if I tell them what I really charge they are going to think I am greedy; and that will make me evil.” We believe that if money is associated with something then the motives are not true and honest. This could not be further from the truth.

How can we develop a good relationship with money so we can charge our worth?

I could write an entire book about this subject to be honest, this is actually something I now teach in my workshops. And although I teach it in my mentoring sessions and my workshops, I really want to give you a little piece that can help you get on the path to having a good relationship with money so you can get on the path to making the kind of money you want and charging your worth.

  1. You first need to start to believe and know that money is not evil. Good things come from money. Think about what you can do with money that is good and true and right. You can pay for your children to take the dance lessons you never got to take as a child. It allows you to make memories with your family by traveling. You are able to help a friend in need and give to a stranger. You can fix your car and pay for your home. The goodness that comes from money is abundant. What is the love of money? Loving money is greedy; you need more and more and more. You keep it for yourself and don’t share with others. You believe that there is not enough to go around and so you have to keep it for yourself. The love of money can make people do immoral acts, like rob, steal, lie and cheat.
  2. Next you need to realize that the amount of money that you have does not determine your self worth. It does not matter if you have $100 in the bank or $1,000,000 in the bank. Your self worth is not and NEVER has been dependent upon the worth of your bank account. What can determine your self worth however, is how you treat yourself during times of feast and famine. Be kind to yourself regardless of your situation.
  3. Don’t villainize those who have money. Many times we look at those who have money and think “what did they do to get that house? “ “how could they afford that?” “They must be stingy”…but really those who have the most wealth are the ones who give back. They see money as a vehicle to get them somewhere. They don’t worry about a lack of money or if they will have enough to share. They have accepted money as good and I dare say most of them respect the role that money plays instead of loving money.
  4. Once you are able to realize that having money is not a bad thing you are able to accept abundance. It is not evil to wish and work for abundance. When you accept the thought and the actions of abundance you will begin to realize that there is more than enough to go around. You will begin to wish others abundance too. Your thoughts will become about enough money instead of not enough so you have to hoard it. You will begin to want to give and share of the abundance your have and the more you will see it manifest in your life. But you have to realize that it is not evil or wrong to wish and work for abundance of money.
  5. After you have decided and really felt that you can accept abundance not just for you and for everyone you will begin to feel that money is not evil and that you are worth charging for your services, product and time. When you emit feelings of abundance others will be drawn to it and they will see your worth too. You will begin to not think twice when someone asks "What do you charge." You won't hesitate and say "Oh well, um let me email you my price list." Instead you can with a comfortable confidence say "Let me tell you about my standard session. It includes.....and it is $475. When are you wanting to book? I have a few openings." They will not be uncomfortable about the number you gave them, because YOU were not uncomfortable.

Allow your relationship with money to build your business better. It is not evil to charge someone for your services. You do not have some twisted ulterior motive behind your business. If you’re like me you are just trying to support your family and maybe make a trip to Disneyland. It is not evil to make a living.