Should we wear black? Write a eulogy? Plan a wake? I mean from what I am hearing Facebook is dead. NO! This can’t be! I mean I see Facebook every day, I interact with Mr. Facebook…..I see him respond back! So what is this everyone is talking about? Facebook is dead?

NO WAY JOSE! I am here to tell you that Facebook is so not dead! But I do understand why people might say this. A few years back it was so easy to see everything that someone posted on Facebook and whatever you posted was seen by oodles of people. We got the instant recognition and immediate affirmations. It didn’t take much effort to get likes and comments. It felt so good! I remember posting a status, a picture, a video and I would get dozens of likes and comments within minutes of posting it. Come back a few minutes later and bam….MORE comments…more likes….I thought I was the shiz! Super cool! What more could a gal ask for?! “People like me…they really, really like me” but then something happened. More people jumped on this Facebook wagon…this place where I could make hundreds of dollars from posting one picture about a sale and I didn’t have to pay a dime to do it. Free advertising! It was great! But more and more people started showing up…slowing the process down and Grandfather Facebook couldn’t pay attention to everyone anymore. It was just too much for one papa bear to handle freely! So things had to change…Grandpappy Facebook couldn’t do it all….so people now think he died. BUT HE DIDN’T I SUPER DUPER PROMISE!

Are you super confused by my analogy? Let me explain. The more people started using Facebook, the more Facebook had to change. Here we sat making all this money using Facebook this free service and they are all over there like “hey now…give us some.” Rightfully so. I don’t blame them. So they tightened up a little bit. They did a little re-arranging. Yes they want you to spend money with them so your following can see your posts. They are in business….just like you’re in business. So they did make it a little harder, but guess what that doesn’t mean that your fans won’t see your stuff FREELY! Oh no! Facebook isn’t the big bad wolf and sitting there saying “I will get them and blow their houses down, unless they pay me.” No they are not. They actually want to see you succeed! Because the more you succeed the more likely you will be to spend money with them. So they still allow your posts to be seen. While it’s not as easy as it use to be, it still is possible …and I am here to tell you that it’s not even that hard. Is it work? Yes…is it worth it? YES! Will you have to pay for ads? NOPE!

Now I know you’re like “Okay Kandis, tell me how.” Oh my dear friend, this is so much information for one blog post to handle. And that’s why in my workshops we spend so much time teaching all about how to handle Facebook and how it can help your business. But you’re here right now…wanting to learn something, I get it. So I am going to let you in on a few little secrets…..a few little pointers to get you on your way and get you started.

  1. POST! I hear over and over, “nobody is seeing my posts, so I am just going to post them to my personal page.” DON’T DO IT! Don’t stop posting on your business page. I can’t tell you how many times I go to look up a business not on Google…but on Facebook. If I see they haven’t posted in a few weeks I assume they are no longer in business and I check them OFF my list. Even if you are not getting thousands of views…still post.
  2. Be consistent! If you are not posting consistently the Facebook gods will believe you have died. So they will stop showing your feed to those of your followers who are participating with your page. If you are forgetting to post to Facebook, set aside one day a week to schedule all your posts for that week and then don’t worry about it. The more you are consistent the more the unicorns in Facebook land will send rainbows your way.
  3. INTERACT! If you simply just post a status, a image, a video on Facebook it’s telling the Facebook universe….”look I’m alive…I’m breathing.” But it’s just that, you’re just alive, your heart is beating…we can see your chest move up and down…but just that. For all we know you could be in a coma. When you interact you are telling the Facebook universe “Hey look, I am awake, aware, alive and kicking.” The more you interact with your following the more you will see your growth continue.

So stop using the excuse that Facebook is dead and that’s why your posts aren’t reaching viewers; I promise you, Facebook is not dead! I am consistently getting views, comments, likes and interaction on my Facebook post, page and feed and I am not paying for Facebook ads. With these three tips and the others that I teach in my workshops…I am still making the money I desire and living the life I have created…..and so can you!

Now it’s time to wake up the sleeping Grand-daddy Facebook and give him a big ole’ Kiss!