Sometimes it can be hard to get our mojo going....we get so overwhelmed to the point of becoming stale. Often times we stop progressing forward and we turn into lazy bums who can't find a good place to even start. We say to ourselves "I don't even know where to begin." Well, I am a believer that to improve our mojo, our mood, we need to MOVE. Not just move our bodies, but move our minds.

So what can we do to IMPROVE OUR MOVE? I have some ideas for you.

1. Raise your activity level. You might even be saying "But what does this have to do with business." SOOOO MUCH. I have been making a habit to go to the gym every morning before I start my work day. Although it eats time out of my day that I could be working, when I get back to the office I am so much more productive. There really is something to be said with moving. If you can't get to a gym or build workouts in your day...just RAISE your activity level. Park further away at the grocery store, take the stairs, up your pace, put more energy into your voice, set a timer and stop working for 10 minutes and get up and stretch your body, take a brisk walk. Simply find a way to raise your activity level. Raising your activity level doesn't mean you have to become a gym rat, it just means that you should do a little more than you are doing now.

2. Take a walk outside. Did you now that light actually stimulates your brain and improves your mood? So if you are feeling stuck and can't get the blinds, step outside, get some daylight.

3. Reach out to someone. Often times it feels good to let someone know you are thinking about them. When you aren't thinking about yourself you can stretch beyond your little "wo is me" phase. When you reach out to someone it causes a reaction that encourages friendship and that naturally makes us happy. Send a text, make a phone call, write a letter or a note, send an email, act friendly. You will see your life change and you will find more motivation when you reach beyond.

4. Get rid of that nagging task. If you know that you need to finish a wedding and the is what is holding you back...finish the wedding. Nothing gets us down more than having a task hang over our heads. If I know I have dishes in my sink and an un maid bed, I find myself becoming a scroll troll on social media. Why is this? Because when we have a lingering task that is nagging at us, we can't seem to focus on other things. Do what needs to be done and you will feel much more accomplished.

5. Do a good dead. Just like reaching out to someone makes you feel good, so does doing something nice. When we are serving others we become God's hands and that allows us to feel a better purpose and do more.

6. Act Happy. There is truly something to be said in the phrase "fake it till you make it". Research shows that an artificially induced smile, truly does increase your mood. When you feel yourself waining take 30 seconds and SMILE. A big cheesy grin. SMILE. You will find that your mood increases simply by faking it.

7. Learn something new. I am a believer in education. Whether you learn something about photography or something that simply interests you, learning something new will improve your move. You will find that you are stretching your mind and that stretches your mood. We all have so much room to grow and by allowing ourselves to grow, allows ourselves to do more and be happy.

I truly believe that when we decide to not be acted upon, and that we can make our own choices that our life improves. Not just our life, but our business. YOU have the ability to choose if you will have joy and success or if you will stay where you are and not move forward. You have so much potential for gladness, keep moving forward and you will find your life improves.